Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chinchilla for Sale: Types of Chinchilla Offered for Sale and Where it can be Bought

For people who are fond of owning any kinds of pets, chinchilla may be one of the companions on your list that you want to own. At present, chinchillas are already considered as one of the most common pets preferred by people. So, it is just natural that you will also want to own one. But how about if you do not have any idea about where you can buy these furry little animals? Well, you do not have to worry since at this point, knowing such information is a simple task. For those who are interested in learning everything about chinchillas for sale, you have to keep these things in mind.


Photo: POD

Types of Chinchilla for Sale

You might think that when you decide to buy these furry little animals and to have them as a pets, you can simply just buy one. But it is not the case. That is because before you proceed to that, you may want to know first the types of chinchillas for sale.

Chinchillas are available in two kinds. These are the chinchilla lanigera and chinchilla brevicaudata. These two are almost the same in appearance. However, there are still some things that differentiate the two from each other. For one, the brevicaudata has broad shoulders and a shorter tail. It is also the only species produced in captivity. The lanigera, in contrast, can be found in the mountains of South America and in the wild.

The usual chinchilla for sale is available in four colors generally. These arewhite, beige, ebony and gray. At times, you might also be able to find ones in rare colors, which is a sign and result of cross breeding. Thus, if you are planning to own one and you already have a specific color of chinchilla in mind, it will be better to ask the breeder about the family background or lineage of the chin.

One tip that can help you in choosing a chin that you can bring home with you is to take a look at its fur’s quality. Its fur must be shiny and soft and not have any fur chewing signs. If it has, it can either be because the chin is chewing its own fur or it was attacked by other chins.

Where Can You Buy Chinchillas for Sale?


Photo: Carlos Gracia

Looking for places where chinchillas can be bought is already an easy task. However, it is recommended that you only buy from reputable breeders. Thus, you have to ensure and do your research first before anything else. There are also several trusted pet shops where you can buy chins. These pet shops will be able to show not only beautiful chins, but also tamed ones. You can be sure that the chins you can find there are also ones that are now wild trade animal victims and did not come from the wild. The chins can cost a few hundred dollars, which will all depend on its own lineage.

When you are looking for chinchilla for sale, one thing that you should always keep in mind is to buy only from reputable stores and breeders. That way, you can also be assured of your chins’ health. To maintain their health, the next thing you have to do is acquire things that your pet will need.